Why the Bars?

Affinity Nutrition was designed to be different from other nutrition companies. During my time working in a gym I realised many of the protein bars and dietary supplements were of a poor standard targeting vulnerable people who did not know any better.

My goal was to make a transparent product, which provided real health benefits the consumer desires. We've all had a protein bar as a convenient way to get our protein in, however the standard of protein and additional ingredients is incredibly poor. Any supplement or snack you eat should be as good as the food equivalent available. This is why I only chose the highest quality ingredients to create a new type of protein bar.

While diving deeper into nutrition I discovered the influence of fibre on the gut and was hooked reading every bit of research possible. Probiotics are coming to the forefront, but they're not a 'hack' to an indestructible and diverse gut, promising infinite health benefits.

I knew that fibre was the backbone of a healthy gut so set about sourcing dietary fibres, with proven gut health benefits, to go in the bars.

Combining the fibre with higher quality, grass-fed protein and a few more natural ingredients made for a highly nutritious, but low calorie protein bar. Everything you want from a nutrition bar and more!

Why the Community?

What still bothers me is the rampant misinformation which confuses so many people on a daily basis regarding their health & nutrition. Social media is a key driver of this and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. My solution was to make a Community of people who want to understand their health & nutrition better without the potentially damaging misinformation. Something everybody could access for free, forever. Picture Netflix, Spotify and Wikipedia all rolled into one, with a focus on making people healthier.

Well I didn't say it was going to be easy.


Evidence-based and practical information should be available to everyone, completely free. Understanding food and nutrition is so important, not just for muscle gain and weight loss, but for your overall wellbeing.

Science based nutrition really isn't that exciting unless you're really passionate about it like me and all those experts who pursue it for a career. This is why the Community page will be easier and practical to understand, offering fundamental content, interesting insights and entertaining videos.

The platform won't be limited to nutrition as we seek to make something unique and special involving challenges and more.

Affinity Nutrition

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